Due to interest from new and expanding market sectors we have modified our standard PD29 formulation to create two variants but both still retain the core benefits of PD29:

  • Has been under development for 12 months
  • Previous formulations had been shelf unstable
  • An unusual blend of resin system has resolved this problem without the use of esoteric products
  • Yields large well structured self supporting char
  • Performs exceptionally well under plate thermocouple conditions and has been adjusted for the harmonised european test standards
  • Has achieved excellent results on hollow sections when fired in the Prometheus Developments indicative furnace
  • Is designed for simple HSD manufacture
  • Has a good wet film build ability
  • Will require no detrimental hazard labelling

The two variants are:


  • A extremely efficient ultra thin film water based intumescent coating designed for 30 minutes that has been optimised on plate thermocouples.
  • Offers outstanding protection at very low D.F.Ts and outperforms all major competitors by a significant margin when tested on plate thermocouples.
  • Has excellent build qualities that allow it to be coated to 1.5mm in 2 coats.
  • Char doesn’t offer excellent protection at higher thickness’ so PD29-90 was created to deal with the 60-90 minute market.
  • Testing on third party furnaces indicates excellent performance in the 30-60 minute market with the ability to work across a wide range of steel sections


  • Highly efficient thin film water based intumescent coating designed for 60-90 minute protection
  • Formulation is now finalised for 90 minutes and internal testing shows excellent performance against the competition when tested using plate or wire thermocouples
  • on our internal benchmarking using plate thermocouples it offer 90 minutes of protection at a 1.0 mm D.F.T, significantly out performing all major competitors
  • Has previously been put through full scale testing and CE marking for the european market, it is able to work on both wire and plate thermocouples

PD29-90 fired at a 3rd party furnace

Sample 1 right


Prometheus Developments require a licence fee, payable in stages during evaluation and a royalty on sales for 5 years. During the evaluation stage Prometheus Developments’ cost will be paid on our normal consultancy basis.