Low odour solvent based thin film intumescent fire retardant coating for structural steel

PD11 originally was:

  • developed to compete with the “best in class” 1 hour solvent based product
  • successfully evaluated in a large scale furnace on 1.5m columns
  • ready for full scale certification when the client was subject to acquisition. The project was dropped by the new owners


  • formulation recently revived and further improved
  • internal and 3rd party testing indicates highly competitive DFT efficiency- 90 minute of protection at D.F.T’s typically used for 60 minute products
  • designed to have relatively superior external exposure performance
  • low odour solvents have the highest OEL rating
  • these do not compromise  drying time or its excellent build characteristics
  • This formulation has just been adjusted to give increased performance using plate thermocouples and on our internal testing out performs all major competitors at the same D.F.T


  • evaluating if the solvent system can be accelerated to allow offsite use with the low odour and high OEL performance
  • investigating a two hour version of this formulation

Prometheus Developments are seeking an exploitation partner for this formulation for:

  • a three month option/development period at our normal consultancy rates to adapt the product to the required market profile with indicative fire testing
  • full scale fire testing expected to be completed within six months and first sales within a year
  • a royalty on sales