Thin film intumescent coatings for structural steel based on our IIT technology

PD50 has in recent months evolved into a very promising product. Due to a series of changes in the base IIT powder the range of commercial latex resins that will accept the material is now greatly increased and this has allowed the identification of a resin that shows great promise with the IIT powder.

The product is still undergoing refinement and formulation trials. However early indications suggest that:

  • It has the potential to outperform traditional APP products
  • Offer the end user a signifcant saving in cost. This is due to the removal of all the traditional components which are replaced with our IIT powder.
  • A lower level of IIT powder achieves a better performance than a higher level of traditional components.
  • It is a low smoke product.

The IIT powder will work just as well in a solvent borne system as it is in the waterbased system we are currently developing. PD is happy to work with potential users to develop a intumescent coating based on solventborne or waterborne resin systems.