Clear intumescent varnish based on the IIT technology


This product uses the 80% solution of IIT polymer cured with amino resins to create an excellent high gloss low haze two pack intumescent varnish or pigmented coating.

The  further development in the base IIT technology has resulted in the creation of a varnish that has a hard crystal clear finish and an indefinate shelf life while still producing a clear euroclass B  while being virtually smoke free. This product is now commercially produced and available to buy from us.

More details are available in our product bulletin

The key points are:

  • Very high quality gloss finish.
  • Can be overcoated with a wide range of topcoats to achieve weather protection or to matt the product.
  • Cure time is now down to 4 hours and can be recoated in 6 hours.
  • pot life is over 12 hours.
  • shelf life is now over 12 months.
  • Will pass the BS476 part 6 and 7, the EN13823 with a euroclass B and can achieve a class 1 or better on the ASTM E84.
  • Is waterbased with very low hazards.
  • Will protect virtually any substrate

has achieved the following test passes:

  • Under ASTM E84 it has achieved a Class A on timber and epoxy composites.
  • Under EN13823 it has achieved a Euroclass B on Timber, all thermoset and thermoplastic resins.
  • Under EN45545 it has achieved a HL3 on timber, epoxy, polyester and polyurethane. Indicative test results indicate that it will achieve the same results under the new IMO regs.
  • Under BS476 part 6 it has achieved a class O on timber and epoxy.
  • Under BS476 part 7 it has achieve a class 1 on timber and epoxy.
  • Under BS6853 it has achieved a Cat 1A on epoxy prepregs.