A hard glossy intumescent coating to upgrade particle boards to fire barriers and upgrade timber doors to fire doors

PD61 was originally designed:

  • to upgrade heritage doors to fire doors without disassembly
  • to produce fire barriers from particle boards

It provides a system to produce fully sustainable building panels capable of acting as fire barriers. This is particularly relevant to timber frame construction.

PD61, a highly evolved formulation is:

  • a two pack material designed for factory flow line application based on IIT polymer
  • can be made to cure in minutes at low bake
  • may be site applied to doors and their frames, though finishing skills will be required.
  • Shelf life is now over 12 months for both part A and B
  • Pot life is in excess of 4 hours

PD61 formulation is:

  • largely finalised and has been tested in the Prometheus Developments indicative fire test furnace
  • able to produce a 60 minute fire barrier from a single sheet of 18mm plywood board coated on one side

PD61 has been indicatively tested in the Prometheus Developments SBI simulator

  • it gives a clear Euroclass B
  • it activates with very little smoke
  • it activates below the pyrolisis temperature of the timber substrate
  • it significantly retards distortion of the fire barrier leading to enhanced stability of jointed structures

PD61 cures to hard gloss finish that may be easily overcoated and decorated. Upon activation in a fire PD61 will intumesce through the decorative layer.


Prometheus Developments is seeking a collaboration partner that has a strong interest in either of the applications for this product. Terms are entirely flexible and open for discussion.