A rapid cure hard and durable water based offsite intumescent coating for structural steel based on IIT technology

Offsite application of intumescent coatings is of increasing interest. Current products:

  • do not dry quick enough
  • are not durable enough for transport
  • are dull and matt
  • are carried in strong objectionable solvents

PD60 is based on our IIT polymer overcomes all these problems:

  • it cures very rapidly
  • is touch dry in minutes
  • it gives an attractive gloss finish that is very hard and durable
  • it is water extended and halogen free
  • it has been evaluated on third party furnaces
  • it is largely environmentally stable
  • Very long shelf life
  • Can be pigmented to any colour
  • Able to be topcoated

PD60 is a two pack product but does emit small amounts of formaldehyde on cure.

The cure time can be very quick and is readily adjusted. The touch dry time for current solvent based products is about 20 minutes.

Prometheus Developments needs input from an interested end user as a co-operation partner to be certain where the cure regime should be set.

Please see the  PD60 datasheet for further information on this product.