A highly DFT efficient 120 minute water based intumescent formulation for structural steel


  • Has undergone extensive development to create a highly efficient product that will work at very high DFT on the more difficult test specimens
  • Formulation alterations have led to the product now able to beat the 120 minute market leader in terms of DFT efficiency
  • is designed for simple HSD manufacture
  • has a good wet film build ability
  • will require no detrimental hazard labelling


The 120 minute sector is notoriously difficult to predict on small scale testing. As the product is under continuous development a collaborative exploitation is being sought. Prometheus Developments proposes that the client undertakes indicative testing in collaboration with us. This may require several iterations. Consequently no licence fee is being sought. During this evaluation stage Prometheus Developments’ cost will be charged on our normal consultancy basis. On satisfactory completion a royalty on sales would be required for 3 years.