We have been working within the field of flame and fire retardant coatings for over 25 years and our services are based on the  experience gained from the design and testing of products within this field.

We have available a series of off-the-peg Intumescent fire retardant formulations and materials at various stages of development and certification.

We design bespoke products for specific applications in building construction, aerospace and transport systems.

We also work on the development of materials for specific applications.

Unlike other consultancies we undertake basic research and development to keep our clients ahead of the competition in our specialist fields.

We supervise and advise on fire test certification programmes. We have a range of furnaces and indicative test equipment to simulate most fire tests currently in use in the UK, Europe and the USA. This equipment is all standardised to predict performance under full scale fire testing.

We can tailor existing client formulations that are failing to meet the requisite standards or improve formulations to meet changing standards.

We can assist clients with the design and operation of fire test certification programmes. This service is invaluable to companies new to the field as failure at the end of a project can be very costly. In fire testing there is no substitute for experience.

We maintain a full and sophisticated laboratory inventory in order to investigate client problems.

We are undertaking an R&D programme into novel new materials and polymers for fire retardant and intumescent coatings.

We enable clients to achieve early entry into the intumescent and fire retardant coatings market without the time and cost of building up in-house technology in this lucrative but specialist field.

We can assist the client’s sales and marketing department to select a market profile that will allow the company entry into under-filled segments of the fire retardant and fire protection field.

We have a reserve of technology in various stages of development that can be tailored to meet the client’s chosen product profile.