Polyurethane Foams

Intumescent protection for polyurethane foams

The IIT technology has shown great potential for use in polyurethane foams to create both flexible and rigid foams.

The IIT powder can be dispersed into the standard polyol system while the IIT polyol can substitute for standard polyols and react with the isocyanates to incorporate the fire protection into the molecular structure of the foam. Which system you go for will depend upon the fire test you are looking to pass.

Using the IIT powder we have been able to produce rigid PU and PIR foams that when skinned with aluminium foil will achieve a Euroclass B on EN13823.

Using a small amount of the IIT polyol to react with the isocyanates and with the addition of the IIT powder we have managed to achieve a crib 7 on a flexible foam with virtually no smoke emission.