What benefits can IIT offer?

Due to the unique nature of the IIT technology it is possible to protect many substrates that were previously unprotectable or required expensive or hazardous materials such as halogens or antimony oxide.

The benefits of the technology depend on which material you’re interested in and what your substrates will be looking to pret.

However for all the materials the following applies:

  • Little or no hazards with the material
  • Free from R.E.A.C.H registration
  • Low cost- all the materials are competitively priced against APP

For the polymeric liquid the benefits are:

  • Its ability to further react especially with amino resins thereby allowing the creation of tough, hard amino based coatings – this we call our PD60 range
  • These coatings have the intumescent material molecularly bonded with the resin rather than just ‘glued’ in place.  This therefore increases the range of substrates that the materials can be applied to.
  • So far we have created:

crystal clear varnishes (PD63),

A tough hard structural steel coatings for offsite application (PD 60),

A glossy coating that can be applied to particle boards or any wooden door to upgrade it to a fire door (PD61),

An intumescent coating that can be any colour including black (PD62) have all been developed.

  • The Polyol can also be used to create rigid and flexible PU foams
  • A further reaction allows the creation of a material suitable for wood protection as either a impregnation liquid or a spray or brush application.

For the Powder the benefits are:

  • Probably the best solution to fire protecting composites that is currently on the market.
  • The number of substrates and applications that the powder can be used in is extremely large. So far we have used the material in:
    • Epoxy: to create a coating for offshore applications under rigorous hydrocarbon testing (PD71) and  an onshore epoxy for use on structural steel as a thin film,  external intumescent for offsite application. Incorporated the powder into epoxy prepregs that will pass virtually any fire test
    • Polyester: to create gelcoats and composite layers that are not only fire protected but also virtually smoke free. We have also created a polyester version of PD71 that offers the same protection but without the drawbacks of epoxies (PD72)
    • High Impact polystyrene (HIPS): Incorporating the powder into a master batch of recycled HIPS and hot pressing allows us to create flame retardant polystyrene skins for use in internal walls.
    • Polysiloxanes: The powder can easily be added to any condensation curing polysiloxanes to create flame retardant sealants and elastomers that are able to withstand a hydrocarbon jetfire.
    • Polyurethane  coatings: The incorporation of the IIT powder is able to render any polyurethane coating flame retardant but additionally using Prometheus’ knowledge and experience we have been able to create a coating that produces a A1 finish suitable for use in the rail and automotive industry.
    • Polyurethane and PIR foams: The incorporation of the powder into the polyol system has allowed us to create rigid and flexible foams capable of achieving a Crib 7 and a Euroclass B on 13823 (SBI test)