IIT polymer

A inherentently intumescent reactive polyol.

This Product is commercially available under the trade name Phyrolex PCP

This is the product from the first stage reaction. It comes as a 80% solution of the polymeric material and can be used to create intumescent formulations that have the intumescent materials reacted together at the molecular level and therefore react at a much lower temperature. This has the additional benefit of causing the products to be low smoke as the carbon source has no excess material to create smoke.

The liquid polymer will react with amino resins to create glossy 2 pack intumescent coatings.

When the polymer undergoes a second reaction it can be used as a wood treatment both as a brush application and as a pressure impregnation to upgrade native timber to a Euroclass B on the SBI or a class A on the ASTM E84.

The polymer will react with isocyanates to create rigid and flexible foams capable of passing Crib 7 or achieve a Euroclass B on the SBI

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