IIT technology

Integrated Intumescent technology (IIT) now under the trade name Phyrolex

A new way to look at fire protection

IIT was designed to remove the inherent flaws in conventional intumescent technology and at the same time build on the strengths.

In a conventional intumescent material a number of components have to react before the substrate can be protected from the heat.

These components are:

  • A phophorus source to act as a catalyst typically ammonium polyphosphate
  • A carbonific source to act as a char former typically pentaerythritol
  • A gas source usually nitrogenous gas and typically produced by melamine

The IIT technology works on the theory that if this reaction has already partially occured prior to the fire and the components are molecularly bonded together then they can react at a lower temperature and an earlier point in the fire thereby protecting the substrate earlier and allowing it to maintain its structual integrity longer.

The IIT technology is presented as a range of liquid oligomeric partial phosphate esters and flame retardant powders. Both have their own target areas but both are intrinsically intumescent. Both forms are available in commercial quantities and samples are available upon request. PD has vast experience working with this technology in a very wide range of applications and we are happy to help customers understand and exploit the potentials of the IIT materials.